Super General 90x60cm with 5 Gas Burners Cooker, Stainless Steel Model-SGC982LSX | 1 year warranty

Super General

AED 1,949.00 AED 2,299.00

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Key Features:
  • Push Button Knobs
  • Easy to clean oven cavity
  • Double glass oven door
  • Large Oven Cavities
  • Electric burners / Electric Oven
  • Superior built resists heat and enhances service life
  • Five burners allow you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously
  • Controls and saves the consumption of gas while keeping users away from danger


  1. Design and Build:

    • Firstly, stylish silver design adds a modern touch to your kitchen.
    • Secondly, built-in design fits seamlessly into your kitchen countertop.
    • Compact 90 x 60cm, suitable for smaller kitchen spaces.
  2. Burners:

    • Also, five burners provide versatile cooking options.
    • Different burner sizes accommodate various cookware sizes.
    • Precise flame control allows for accurate temperature adjustments.
  3. Flame Failure Safety Device:

    • Moreover, equipped with a flame failure safety device for enhanced safety.
    • Automatically shuts off the gas supply if the flame goes out.
      • Prevents the risk of gas leaks and potential accidents.
  4. Control Knobs:

    • In addition, easy-to-use control knobs for adjusting the flame intensity.
    • Clear markings and ergonomic design for convenient operation.
    • Knobs provide a tactile feel and precise control over heat levels.
  5. Cast Iron Pan Supports:

    • Furthermore, sturdy cast iron pan supports for stability and durability.
    • Designed to hold pots and pans securely while cooking.
    • Heat-resistant and easy to clean.
  6. Wok Burner:

    • Also, includes a powerful wok burner for high-heat cooking.
    • Ideal for stir-frying, deep frying, and rapid boiling.
    • Provides quick and efficient heat distribution.
  7. Easy to Clean:

    • Moreover, stainless steel surface is easy to wipe clean.
    • Removable burner caps and pan supports for effortless cleaning.
    • Saves time and effort in maintaining a clean hob.
  8. Energy Efficiency:

    • In addition, gas hobs are generally more energy-efficient than electric hobs.
    • Instant heat response reduces cooking time and energy consumption.
    • Lastly, helps lower energy costs and promote eco-friendly cooking.

Product Description


Colour Silver/Black
Installation Freestanding
Model Number SGC982LSX
Product Length 90 cm
Product Height 60 cm
Product Width/Depth 90 cm
Energy Used Gas, Electric
Auto Ignition Yes
Rotisserie Yes
Weight 57 kg
Energy Used Dual Fuel
Additional Feature 1 Grill
Additional Feature 2 Thermostat

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