Super General 7Kg Front Load Washing Machine White Model SGW7200NLED | 1 Year Warranty.

Super General

AED 789.00 AED 999.00

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  • Key Features

    23 Programs

    • 1400RPM
    • Child lock
    • Delay Start
    • Drum Clean function
    • Led Display
    • Quick Wash
  • Extra Rinse
  • LED Display
  • Child Lock


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  1. Introduction to Super General  Washing Machine:

    • Firstly, overview of the Super General 8Kg front load washing machine.
    • Secondly, description of its silver model, which adds a modern touch to the laundry area.
    • Highlighting the large capacity suitable for families and heavy loads.
  2. Design and Aesthetics:

    • Also, detailed explanation of the washing machine’s design and appearance.
    • Visual appeal and how it complements different home interiors.
    • Focus on user-friendly controls and display panel.
  3. Washing Capacity and Drum Size:

    • Moreover, overview of the washing machine’s 7 Kg capacity.
    • Description of the drum size and how it accommodates large loads.
  4. Front Load Mechanism:

    • Furthermore, explanation of the front load mechanism and its advantages.
    • Gentle washing action for fabric care and energy efficiency.
  5. Washing Programs and Customization:

    • Also, description of various washing programs and cycles available.
    • Customization options for temperature, spin speed, and duration.
  6. Advanced Features and Technology:

    • In addition, overview of advanced features like fuzzy logic, delay start, etc.
    • How these features enhance washing efficiency and convenience.
  7. Energy Efficiency and Water Consumption:

    • Moreover, discussion of the washing machine’s energy-saving features.
    • Water consumption and eco-friendly operation.
  8. Washing Performance and Stain Removal:

    • Furthermore, information on the washing machine’s performance in removing stains and dirt.
    • Effectiveness of various washing programs for different fabrics.
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  9. Noise and Vibration Levels:

    • In addition, explanation of noise and vibration reduction technology.
    • Ensuring quiet operation during washing cycles.
  10. Safety Features:

    • Moreover, description of safety features like child lock and door interlock.
    • Ensuring safe operation, especially in households with children.
  11. Warranty Coverage:

    • Also, details of the 1-year full warranty for the Super General washing machine.
    • Coverage for any manufacturing defects or issues during the warranty period.
  12. Maintenance and Cleaning:

    • Tips and guidelines for proper maintenance and cleaning of the washing machine.
    • lastly, ensuring optimal performance and hygiene.



Product Description

Weight 64 kg
Dimensions 57 × 64 × 88 cm

Technical Details