Candy Fresca 1.5 Ton Split Air conditioner, White – 1IS18RC1 Brand Warranty 1 Year Full & 10 Year Compressor.


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  • Strong airflow
  • Against sand
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Dc rotary motor Mitsubishi
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Candy Split AC with Twin Rotary Compressor
    Fresca Series, Breathing Innovation
    5 Years Warranty Mitsubishi Compressor60°C High Temperature Operation:
    Unlike the conventional models. Candy air conditioners can maintain stable operation even at 60C ultra-high temperature, with the most advanced technology. It brings the ultimate cooling performance for our users.Anti-Corrosion Blue Fin:
    The evaporator is coated with special anti-corrosion painting to improve its durability. The hydrophilic aluminum foil guarantees condensate flows smoothly to enhance anti-corrosion performance.Against-Sand:
    Candy air conditioner uses a unique structure and components design to prevent the wind into the outdoor machine, decreasing chances of asthma due to poor indoor air quality in regions like the Middle East.3D & Strong Airflow:
    The constant horizontal and vertical movements of airflow blades enable the air out flows to different directions of the room. User can enjoy comfortable airflow in every corner of the room.

    Long Distance Airflow:
    The indoor unit is improved by the optimized motor, fan and airflow so as to provide long distance airflow upto 25m+.

    Turbo Cooling:
    With specially designed control program, the motor runs at a higher frequency and the air conditioner can cool the whole room within much shorter time. It gives you ultimate fast cooling experience in hot summer.

    Comfortable Sleep:
    While the “Sleep” mode is on. the air conditioner is set to milder temperature, and the operational sound is adjusted to the lowest. It allows you to have peaceful and comfortable sleep.

    Twin Rotary Compressor:
    Candy twin rotary compressors feature powerful neodymium magnets which are 10 times more powerful than conventional magnets. Through adoption of high efficient compressors, electrical loss from power source can be reduced, power input can be maximized.

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Item specifications


Brand Candy
Cooling power 16000 British Thermal Units
Color White
Voltage 220 Volts
Noise 45 dB