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Beko Upright Refrigerator 445 Litres RSNE445E23DX

AED 2012


Beko 445 Liter Upright Refrigerator No Frost Model RSNE445E23DS | 1 Year Warranty


AED 1,099.00 AED 2,212.00

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  • Product dimensions 59.5D x 65.5W x 185H centimeters
  • Brand Beko
  • Capacity 445 Liter
  • ENERGY STAR 3 Star
  • Colour Titanium Inox


Meat, fish & dairy fresher for longer

Beko 445 Liter Upright Refrigerator RSNE445E23DS, meat, fish, and dairy need lower temperatures to stay fresh. The CoolRoom compartment keeps these products at just above freezing temperatures and maintains optimum humidity. That way, food remains fresh and full of flavour for up to twice as long.

Led Illumination

Clear view of the inside

Beko 445 Liter Upright Refrigerator RSNE445E23DS, it can be tricky to see everything in your fridge, especially in the corners and at the back of selves. Led Illumination features chains of LED on the top of the fridge, and for every shelf on the side wall so you can see clearly throughout the cooler. It’s more energy-efficient that standard lighting too.

Reversible Door

Adjustable door direction to fit your kitchen layout

Some kitchen layouts require that refrigerator doors open in one direction and not the other. Reversible Door allows door hinges to be placed on both the left and the right of the unit, so decide which way your fridge doors open. Plus, you can double your cooling capacity by placing two fridges side by side and reversing the doors of one.

Safety Glass

High-durability glass shelves

Ease your worries of putting that huge and heavy pot in the fridge with Safety Glass. Safety Glass shelves are made up of tempered glass and can carry loads of up to 25 kg. They resist cracks and scratches much better than un-treated glass, so you can store heavy items without a care.


Space-saving water tank

Water dispensers are a pleasant addition but the water tank subtracts from space on the door, which is not pleasant at all. SlimTank is designed to fit under a regular door rack so you don’t lose any storage capacity. You can still fit two 2.5 L bottles or whatever else you like to keep on the door racks.

Vacation Mode

Extra energy saving

Get your fridge in the holiday spirit when you leave for vacation. Vacation Mode saves energy by shutting down the cooler section but keeping the freezer running. Frozen food will we preserved while you save on energy bills.

Specifications and Functions


Fitting Type Freestanding
Product Type Larder
Height 185 cm
Width 59.5 cm
Depth 65.5 cm
Energy Efficiency Class 3
ProSmart Inverter Compressor P
Water Dispenser Type Water Dispenser with Manually-filled SlimTank
Cooling System Type No-frost
Freezer Position Freezer Top
Display Type LED
Color Titanium Inox
Product Series b300