BEKO 1400 RPM 16 Programs Washıng Machıne, Gray, 8 Kg-WTV8744XM


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Eco Cotton
Dnia happen Fast / Xpress Super Short
Mix 40 °
Wool / Hand Wash
Spin pumping +
Dark Clothes / Jeans
Sport (Goretex)
Stain Expert
BabyProtect + + steam refreshing
Quilts (down comforters) + steam refreshment
Shirts + steam refreshment

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During washing in standard washing machines, approximately 20% of the detergent is not effectively rinsed with water. The innovative AquaFusionTM technology consists in blocking the outflow, which prevents powder loss, so that it is used almost entirely. Thanks to this, the washing efficiency is higher, and you save detergent and money during each wash.

Fresh Therapy

Thanks to the additional rotation of the drum, activating every few minutes for 8 hours after the end of the washing cycle, clothes left in the closed washing machine will be much less creased. Thanks to this, you don’t have to pull out the laundry right after the program ends.

BabyProtect program

The BabyProtect program has been specially created for hygienic washing of baby clothes and clothing of people suffering from skin allergies. By prolonged washing at a higher temperature and additional and intensive rinsing, the program eliminates bacteria and ensures excellent washing results and complete rinsing out of the washing agent, the remains of which are one of the most common causes of skin allergies.

Pet function

Beko has found the perfect solution for all lovers of pets and in particular hairy pets. The special PUPIL function in selected models of Beko washing machines perfectly removes the fur of your four-legged friend. Thanks to the innovative technologies used in Beko products, you don’t have to pluck or boil hair from clothes covered with it. In washing machines with the PUPIL function, we focused on repeated rinsing and centrifuging so that your clothes after washing are perfectly clean. In addition, the additional water heating aims to effectively loosen the fabric fibers just before the rinsing process so that as much hair as possible can be removed effectively. The washing cycle, which has been specially modified for your Pets

Up to 8 kgBeko washing machines have a load capacity of up to 8 kg, in one cycle they are able to wash from 1 to 8 kg of clothes.
Electronic load balancingsystem This system “weighs” the laundry and distributes it properly inside the drum to eliminate vibrations and noise and ensure maximum stability of the machine during spinning. This system guarantees maximum spin speed.
Hi-Tech Nickel Heater Hi-TechNickel Heater is covered with a nickel layer that protects against corrosion, and its durability is up to 100 times higher compared to standard heaters. Thanks to this, there is no need for additional measures to protect it from damage.
Large 34 cm doorEven very voluminous items such as quilts, sheets and bathrobes can easily be put into the washing machine thanks to the large34 cmdoor.
16 programs, including programs: Cotton, BabyProtect, Daily Express, Dark Care, Self Clean, Hand Wash, Wool, Synthetics and more.
BabyProtect +12% of babies suffer from allergies. Beko has created a special program BabyProtect +, which provides excellent protection for the delicate skin of your child. Even longer washing cycles and longer rinsing cycles as compared to the BabyProtect program ensure perfect cleanliness of children’s clothes.
Protection against power surgesA special system protects the electrical system of Beko washing machines against unexpected power surges. Thanks to this, the electrical system is subject to less wear, and the device automatically resumes operation after a power outage.
Electronicdisplay The new large display in Beko products gives you the option of choosing multiple functions and better product management. In addition, the display fits perfectly into the modern aesthetics of the product.
A +++ energy class -30% (from A +++ to D)Products in this class consume 30% less energy than products in the highest available energy efficiency class A +++! It is a guarantee of environmental protection and reduction of costs for electricity.

Daily Quick Program

At Beko, we know the value of your time well. That is why we make every effort to ensure that the users receive the most efficient products. The Everyday Quick program has been developed for washing lightly soiled cotton fabrics, especially after a single use. The program allows you to wash the maximum load in a full temperature range from 20 ° C to 90 ° C.

Full touch display

The large, comfortable touch screen allows you to view the functions and select parameters ideally suited to the type of laundry, which you can set yourself or choose from ready-made programs.




Produact Discription


Model: WTV8744XM 
Product: Automatic washmachine 
Type: freestanding 
Colour: Manhattan Gray 
Stock Code: 7174142500 
EAN Code: 8690842217449 
Height: 84 cm 
Width: 60 cm 
Depth: 54 cm 
Net weight: 70 kg 
panel: Icons + Polish 
Number of programs: 16 
display: Electronic 
Delay start: 0-24 
Nickel plated heater: Yes 
Time display until the end of the program: Yes 
Program progress controls: Yes 
Child lock: Yes 
Spin speed adjustment: Yes 
Automatic water consumption control system: Yes 
Electronic balancing system: Yes 
AquaFusion: Yes 
Inverter motor: Yes 
Additional functions
Function 1: Preliminary washing 
Function 2: Favorite 
Function 3: Night mode 
Function 4: Drum cleaning + Steam cleaning 
Energy Efficiency Class: A +++ (- 30%) 
Capacity: 8 kg 
Maximum spin speed: 1400 
Spin Efficiency Class:
Energy consumption (E_t): 0.600 kWh 
Annual energy consumption (AE_c): 137 kWh 
Water consumption (W_t): 41 years old 
Annual water consumption (AW_c): 9019 years 
Program duration (T_t): 233 min 
Washing / Spin volume: 53/74 dB 
Program 1: Cotton 
Program 2: Eco Cotton 
Program 3: Synthetics 
Program 4: Dnia happen Fast / Xpress Super Short 
Program 5: Mix 40 ° 
Program 6: Wool / Hand Wash 
Program 7: Delicate 
Program 8: Spin pumping + 
Program 9: Rinsing 
Program 10: Dark Clothes / Jeans 
Program 11: Sport (Goretex) 
Program 12: Underwear 
Program 13: Stain Expert 
Program 14: BabyProtect + + steam refreshing 
Program 15: Quilts (down comforters) + steam refreshment 
Program 16: Shirts + steam refreshment 
Explanation 1: Energy consumption based on 220 standard cycles 60 ° C and 40 ° C in the Cotton program, at full and partial load. Actual consumption depends on how the device is used. 
Explanation 2: Water consumption based on 220 standard cycles of 60 ° C and 40 ° C in the Cotton program at full and partial load. Actual consumption depends on how the device is used. 
Explanation 3: “The standard 60 ° C cotton program” and “The 40 ° C standard cotton program” are standard washing programs to which the label and card information refer to that they are suitable for washing 

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