Sharp Air Purifier With Humidifier KCG60SAW


Brand: Sharp
Type: Air Purifier
Covering Area: 50 m2
Ion Generator : 7000 ion s/cm3
Timer: Up to 8 Hours
Child lock
Washable Fine Dust Block Pre-filter
Non-washable Deodorizing ( PANDA ) Filter (Voc, Nox, Sox )
Non-washable Static Electricity HEPA Filter – Antimicrobial ( 99.97% )
Washable Humidifying Filter
Sensors: Dust Sensitive ( PM2.5 – Tobacco Smoke and House Dust ) – Odors – Temperature – Humidity – Light – Motion
Dimensions (W x H x D): 370 x 660 x 293 mm
Model number: KC-G60SA-W
Country of Origin: China

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Sharp Air Purifier With Humidifier KCG60SAW

Sharp KCG60SAW Air Purifier With Humidifier


Plasmacluster Generator

The Plasmacluster Generator implanted into this product releases Positive and Negative ions into the air and hunts for harmful elements such as Viruses, Fungi, Allergens, Odor, etc. to the corner of the room. The ion will form a hydrosil on the surface of the particle to immobilize it. Hydrosil (OH-) is an active radical compound which will take the hydrogen atom and disable it immediately, so that the dangerous particles like Virus, Fungus, Allergen, Odor and so on become paralyzed.


Micro-Organizational Disabling System

The generator ion generates Plasmacluster ions, positive ions and negative ions actively searching for micro-organisms, turning into hydroxyl (OH-) and rapidly drawing Hydrogen (H +) from microorganisms that will turn into (H2O), so microorganisms are disabled.


Spot Mode

With a strong gust from the front air outlet and front louvers can be set manually up to 20 o down to maximize the air purification in the room.

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Prodcut Descripition

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 29.3 × 36 × 66 cm

Brand Sharp
Color White
Type Air Purifier
Capacity 48 square metre
Recommended Room Size 48 m²
Humidity Capacity 630 Ml/hours
For room Yes
Features Sensors: PM2.5 sensor | Dust Sensors | Odor Sensor
Additional Features Temperature Sensor | Humidity Sensor | Sensor Light | Movement Sensor | Panda Filter | Spot Mode | High density PCI 7000 | Fine Dust Block Pre Filter | Hepa Filter | Deodorizing Filter
Noise Level Without Humidifying 58 dB | With Humidifying 49 dB
Power Supply 220-240 Volts / 50 Hz
Dimensions 660 x 370 x 293 mm
Weight 10.5 kg

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