Nikai 425L Double Doors Refrigerator NRF425FSS


  • Gross & Net Capacity: The Gross Capacity of Nikai–NRF425FSS is 425Ltr & the net capacity of this refrigerator is 275Ltr. It is a perfect fit for moderate-sized Kitchens, Offices, Hotel rooms, Retail outlets. It is perfectly suitable for refrigerating foods, like fruits, vegetables, and beverages. It comes with 1 year Refrigerator Warranty and 3 Years Compressor Warranty.
  • Environment-friendly Refrigerant- The appliance uses R600a for cooling, owing to its superior thermodynamic performance and low environmental impact. This Refrigerator is also free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which can cause harm to the environment.

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Nikai 425L Gross Capacity & 275L Net Capacity Double Door Frost-Free Refrigerator

Stainless Steel like Finish Nikai refrigerators, known for durability and energy efficiency, are the best addition to your cooking space, at home or office. Frost-Free Nikai 2-Door Refrigerator has a cyclic defrost system that ensures the refrigerator defrosts itself daily automatically; by a defrost heater during the defrost cycle. Air Flow Console feature inside the panel ensures intelligent circulation of air throughout the refrigerator. It has an internal condenser, a separate chiller compartment, led light, a vegetable crisper, a temperature control feature in the refrigerator as well as freezer, a lock & key function for security, two adjustable shelves, one utility shelf, and two bottle shelves with elegant VCM finish; in stainless steel alike finish that matches every kitchen. The freezer Compartment has a separate ice tray section with two ice trays and an ice server. The compressor used in the fridge uses power efficiently and has a quieter operation, thus making it perform at its best at all times. The refrigerator is easy to clean; by turning the power off, emptying its contents, and wiping with clean water. No installation is needed as the product is easy to use. Just put it on a flat surface, plug it in, and your refrigerator is ready for use.

425 Ltr Refrigerator

Key Features

Air Flow Console

Frost Free Refrigerator

Ice Tray Section

Air Flow Console

The Airflow console ensures intelligent circulation of cool air through the refrigerator. This gives all the food uniform cooling wherever it is stored in the refrigerator (on all the shelves). As a result, food stays fresher for a longer period.

Frost-Free Freezer

The Cyclic defrost system ensures that the refrigerator defrosts itself daily automatically; by a defrost heater during the defrost cycle. During the process, the compressor is off for some time, after which it restarts.

Ice-Tray Section

A separate ice tray section is provided with two ice trays and an ice server. The twist and serve design allow you to collect the ice formed in the ice server below, by just twisting the ice trays.

Chiller Tray

Door Panel

Temperature control

Chiller Tray

In this Special chamber, food is stored at close to 0° C, which keeps items like Paneer, cheese, cold cuts, fish, etc. soft. It eliminates the need for thawing the food before cooking.

Door Panel

The door Panel Gives you the versatility of storage and provides full utilization of precious space. It Offers you a removable egg tray, utility shelves, extra deep bottle racks which can accommodate 2.5L bottles.

Temperature Control – Refrigerator Compartment

A temperature control knob enables you to select the desired level of cooling (1 being the minimum cooling). Quick freeze setting can be used when you bring in fresh unfrozen food (meat/fish etc.) and want to freeze it.

Item specification


Annual Energy Consumption‎600 Kilowatts
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity‎210 Liters
Freezer Capacity‎80 Liters

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