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Milton Built-in Electric Oven Stainless Steel 90x60cm Model MOE908S


  • Milton Built-in Electric Oven Stainless Steel Control Pan Double-Black Glass Oven Grill Function Thermostat Control Auto Cooling Double Fan Light Inox Size 90 x 60 cm Model MOE908S – 1 Year Warranty.
  • The Milton built in single electric oven is very easy to operate and lets you select the power intensities at which you want your meal to be cooked or heated. Choose from the four heating modes, namely hot air grilling, top and bottom heat, circulating air, full width variable grill to get that desired meal cooked to perfection.

AED1,899.00 AED2,999.00 All Prices Including VAT

Milton Built-in Electric Oven ( 90 x 60 ) cm


Multi function oven- Featuring 4 cooking functions to exert your cooking skill and prepare more delicious food with our oven. This oven has a 85 L inner capacity. It is big enough and you can enjoy cooking for parties and family gatherings.

Milton Double Fan assisted oven- Being a Fan Oven gives you loads of advantages over conventional cooking. For instance you can cook on several shelves at once, the oven gets hot very quickly so you do not need ages to per-heat and the heat is distributed evenly through-out the cavity

Multi Function




Cook assistant

Find the right recipe from Monday to Sunday choosing among the 50 international recipes preset in a full color screen.

Watch pictures of every dish and select what really suits your needs in that precisely moment.Best results with just one touch

Full-Extension telescopic guides

More robust and smoother running. Full precision and total extraction with the new telescopic guides, 100% of the tray is extracted make easier the recipe access. The clip-on system.

Meat Probe

Precise cooking point from the inside of every piece of food.

You will get the right texture you are looking for in your dishes through a complete control of the cooking temperature, so you can easily get the most of your recipes.

Meat Probe is perfect for meat, poultry and fish.

About Milton




Product Specifications

Heating system multi function (4 heating modes: hot air grilling

Top/bottom heat

Circulating Air

Full width variable grill)

Enameled cavity (brown)

Integral Cooling Double Fan

Appliance Dimension ( L x W x H ): 90 x 60 x 85 cm

Digital Timer

Digital timer can be used as a clock to help manage cooking times.

This function also emits reminders when the food is ready.


Digital timer can be used as a clock to help manage cooking times.

This function also emits reminders when the food is ready.

Happy Cooking




Evenly Baked Result On any Level.

With 4D hot air the heat is evenly distributed on every level. Thus, food can be placed on any shelf level from one to four and the results will be consistently perfect. And that’s not all.

You can also bake and roast on up to four levels simultaneously, for reliable results from top to bottom.

Double Glass Door

Cleaning becomes easy with the double glass door as no tool is required to take off the inner glass.

In an effort to maximize safety and minimize burn risks and accidents, Milton cooking range features secure double glass doors.

The reflective inner glass is designed to keep the heat in; while the outer glass ensures the surface temperature is always kept as low as possible.

Eco Clean Direct the energy-saving cleaning aid

Eco Clean Direct, the energy-saving cleaning aid, makes oven cleaning easy. A special coating of micro fine ceramic spheres on the interior oven walls breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast – for the entire service life of the appliance. Saving you time and energy.

Specifications and functions


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