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Geepas GHP32014 2000W Electric Double Hot Plate with Auto-Thermostat, White/Black"Min 1 year manufacturer warranty"

AED 67

Not Available on Carrefour

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Electric Double Hot Plate 2000 W GHP32014 White/Black

AED 65

Not Available Sharaf dg

Geepas Electric Double Hot Plate with Auto-Thermostat 2000W White/Black Model GHP32014 | 1 Year Full Warranty


AED 69.00 AED 99.00

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  • Powerful 2000W Heating
  • Dual Hot Plate Design
  • Auto-Thermostat Control
  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy-to-Use Controls
  • Sleek White/Black Design
  • Reliable Cooking Solution

Powerful 2000W Heating

  • The Geepas GHP32014 electric double hot plate delivers powerful 2000W heating, ideal for cooking various dishes.

Dual Hot Plate Design

  • Designed with a dual hot plate configuration, this appliance provides versatile cooking options.

Auto-Thermostat Control

  • Equipped with auto-thermostat control, the hot plates maintain consistent and adjustable cooking temperatures.

Compact and Portable

  • Its compact and portable design allows you to easily move and use it in different areas of your kitchen.

Easy-to-Use Controls

  • The user-friendly controls make operating the hot plates simple and convenient.

Sleek White/Black Design

  • The sleek white/black design adds a modern touch to your kitchen aesthetic.

Reliable Cooking Solution

  • The Geepas Electric Double Hot Plate (Model: GHP32014) serves as a reliable cooking solution, offering versatile heating options for your culinary needs.