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Beko CWB6441XN Pyramid Style Hood, 60cm, Stainless steel, Max.Extraction 390 m3/h, Motor power 150 watts, 3 speedssetting"Min 1 year manufacturer warranty"

AED 1099

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Beko 60 cm Pyramid Style Hood Stainless steel Colour Model CWB6441XN | 1 Year Warranty


AED 1,079.00 AED 1,299.00

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  • Brand Beko
  • Colour Inox
  • Finish type Brushed
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Noise 64 dB

Intensive Ventilation

Ventilation boosting performance

Beko Pyramid Style Hood Stainless steel CWB6441XN, grilling and frying can create a lot of smoke and strong odours, making your kitchen an unpleasant place to be. Intensive Ventilation increases maximum extraction power by 67%* and quickly gets rid of smoke and smells. After a while it automatically switches back to the previous speed setting, which is pretty handy too! *Tested by internal laboratories

Air Cleaning Mode

Automatic hourly refreshment

Beko Pyramid Style Hood Stainless steel CWB6441XN, after slaving away in a hot kitchen, you want to relax on the sofa, not worry about getting the cooking odours out of your kitchen. The Air Cleaning Mode automatically refreshes the air in your kitchen quietly and efficiently for ten minutes every hour. So, your kitchen will always be fresh, no matter what you’ve cooked.

Filter Saturation Light

Filter-cleaning reminder

Not quite sure when your hood’s grease filters need cleaning? The Filter Saturation Light and buzzer tell you exactly that, so you’ll always get the best performance out of your appliance.

Led Illumination

Clear view of what’s cooking

It’s not always easy to see your hob clearly, especially if the hood is blocking the light. Led Illumination lights up your hob clearly so you can see exactly what’s going on in your pots and pans.

Dishwasher-Safe Filters

Easy-to-clean filters

Nobody wants to hand wash greasy hood filters, and now you don’t have to with Dishwasher-Safe Filters. Just pop them in the dishwasher, run a normal cycle, and then pop them back in the hood. Easy!

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